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Have a read at what our clients have to say.

“It was really good; the trainers were both really nice and had a lot of knowledge on what we were doing plus higher-level things. There was a lot of things in the 2 and a half hours you could use at a basic level”.

“I enjoyed it.  Learned some very simple but effective techniques.  Lee had a lot of knowledge. Iwona was good too because she was of a smaller stature and could demonstrate how size didn’t really matter when defending yourself or preventing harm” .

“They were very good at answering any questions we had, and we didn’t feel silly in any way about asking things”.


“We had an interesting talk at the end from Iwona re coaching and Empowering women which was very good, but I think it would be better a separate thing because we only got a snippet of what it was about”.

“I thought it was good, they’re both clearly very passionate about it”.

“I found the conversation at the end useful, and it helped to think of how we might be able to help our clients who have experienced trauma in different ways”.

It was interesting; I think the techniques themselves were straightforward and practical, but the main part I found useful was talking more about the emotions of victims. Especially the freeze response, I have so many times where a client will say “I wish I left sooner” or “idk why I didn’t say anything I just froze”. So, it’s nice to be able to relate that to a body reaction, not something the client could take blame for.


I also enjoyed the idea of the Krav Maga for empowerment groups and the moto “don’t stop fighting/don’t give up” - I think that could be great signposting for some clients and actually as a practitioner something I would do outside of work!

I liked the holistic approach of not only strengthening your body but also strengthening your mind. Plus, it was really fun overall, sometimes I think it can be really hard to deal with all the topics we do on a daily basis, so it was great to have a space to relax into but still be learning in.

In regard to the teachers, they were both fabulous. Iwona was so helpful when doing the techniques with correcting and answering questions and it was great hearing her tell her story because it put it into a real-life context. Lee was super friendly and chilled and was great at engaging the group!


Really fun and different CPD, only thing I’d change is to actually do a longer session with more techniques – however, I can pursue that outside of work because I know we only get set timings!


Big thanks to the two of them.

“The training was interesting and gave us a taster of how to defend yourself. It gave us basic techniques to use in different situations”.


I'd say it would have been better if it was longer, there were things that were missed out, like defusing a situation and more specific techniques but overall was good.

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