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As a life coach, Iwona knows that by making a conscious decision to do something and then actually taking action, results will start showing up.

"I took ownership of my life and circumstance rather than life and circumstances having power over me." - Iwona King

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"I booked myself a place in a marathon (my first marathon) in October last year and the closer it was getting, the more motivation I was losing, I was struggling to train, struggling to find the want to train. I met Iwona through Krav Maga and she told me what she specialises in and told me to come to see her if I needed to. About 2 months before my marathon, my motivation had dropped so low that I was considering dropping out because I couldn’t see how I could possibly have done it, so I reached out to Iwona.

Within my first session with Iwona, she had completely changed my mindset and I realised where I was lacking focus and what required my full energy. With the help of Iwona I was able to change my mindset and motivation, set the relevant goals and gear up for the marathon ahead.
On 16th June I completed my first ever marathon in a time of 4hrs and 59mins, in appalling weather conditions. My whole mental state had changed from the months period and despite the pain in my knee from the sixth mile I managed to complete the whole thing.

I cannot thank Iwona enough for helping me to achieve my goal, she made me realise where I was going wrong and how I needed to change my mindset in order to succeed. I really would recommend Iwona to anyone and everyone!  Thank you Iwona for helping me complete my first marathon!"

Molly Rattenbury

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