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trust Mar 19, 2019

Trust is the very important ingredients of a successful happy relationship with yourself and with other people. Trust is very fragile and can be broken with mistakes and betrayals we experience, but without trust there is no strong foundations for the happiness and joy. It’s like building a house on the sand.

How we trust after being hurt, broken, after someone ruins our world?  Well … it is not easy but, by building this massive wall or barrier around you; yes, you are protected against the possibility of being hurt again. However, at the same time you are robbing yourself from the chance for happiness. Easer said than done…. But guess what? After your last painful experience, you are STILL STANDING!!! Yes, you are, you have survived, and you have become stronger person.

"But what if I get hurt again?"

You may do You may not, but to find out you need to risk it. If you don’t take the risk, you won’t drink Champagne. Possibly you’ll live with the regret of only if… so what is the solution?

When you are constantly thinking what has happened in the past, and keep reliving in your mind the same great pain from the past, you are attaching those emotions to the here and now by driving yourself insane and allowing fear to take over your life by questioning everything with what if scenarios and doubts in yourself leading to loss of self-confidence, self-believe, you are losing trust in yourself !!! In the person who always will stand by you, yes you!!!  because if things go pear shaped again so what?  Yes, it will hurt because you are a human being, but you’ve done it before, so you will get up again, you will survive, and you will move on, making space for something even better!

I suggest solution of:

  • Stop robbing yourself of opportunity for happiness!
  • Concentrate on the positive experiences and joy of here and now, every little thing that makes you smile.
  • Allow yourself to love and be loved, appreciated, enjoy the ride.
  • Sound simple, you’re possibly thinking: yeah but what do I do when the spiral of all the “what if” questions attack?

Ask yourself:

  • Is it true what I am thinking?
  • If it is true, do I have the evidence that it is true?
  • What will be the outcome if I carry on believing this thought?
  • What would I be without this thought?





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