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Time to Chase the Hero in You

Uncategorized Dec 14, 2018

Don’t fall into the trap of being a victim!

Instead, chase your hero - and that's YOU.

Chase the person that you want to become in your future. Imagine now what life could be like for you in 5 years time. Chase that person. That person is your hero.

When you get there, you look ahead again and chase the next hero, then the next. This is how to go after the things you want in life and become the person that YOU want to be, not what the world is telling you to become. Chase your hero and become the best version of you.

In life, you have a choice. You can choose to do anything, be anything, say anything and life any kind of life that you want to. You just have to train the strongest "muscle" in our body - your mind.

Your mind, can be your worst enemy or your best friend. It all depends on what and how you think. Your mind is a reflex organ.

When we are dealing with people that are attacking, by using bad words to put you down, even when they use physical attacks, you must turn your thinking around in your mind on how you react and deal with this situation. When you come under attack, you are not the weak one - they are. They are the one with broken mind and the one that has been hurt by others, this is why they are acting like they are towards you. It is not an excuse and I know that it can be scary in ways that can affect you, your family, your time at school and end even the rest of your life, but only if you let it.  Unless you deal with it in the right way, fear of it happening again could affect your whole life.

I like to describe fear in two ways:

Forget Everything And Run!


Face Everything And Rise!

Chase your hero and stand up to fear.

When someone attacks you, the first thing you need to do is tell an adult about what is going on, don’t suffer in silence alone.

Then, accept who you are. Remember, they are the weak one because they have attacked you. Never let another person tell you that you are weak. Focus on your hero, focus on your goal.  Fill your mind with strong, positive thoughts it will give you power. Your body is controlled by your mind. Feed your mind in the right way with the right thoughts. You are the only one that can set the limits on what you able to achieve in life!

Have your hero in your mind and see the hero every day. Chat with your hero, spend time with your hero - Conor McGregor does this before every one of his fights.

Understand it is ok to have a bad day, it's ok to have times where you are feeling sad and maybe even cry, but you never allow yourself to give up!

Be grateful every morning for things in your life, say thank you for your parents, friends, opportunities, chocolate and sweets, or whatever you feel lucky that you have.

Chase Your Hero!


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