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Finding the Work Life Balance at University

university Mar 25, 2019

A lot of professional individuals and students struggle to balance life, work, studying and home life. This in effect causes a lot of anxiety, depression and in some cases, could potentially lead to mental health issues. To prevent the above and give an extra support with the awareness of mental wellbeing, I have created and presented a session for the students at the Christ Church University to motivate, inspire and give necessary tools to assist them in reaching their goals and targets.

Following this session, I received positive feedback. This session is now available to any other organisations, businesses and companies to support their staff and members and can be booked by contacting me today.

"I had the pleasure of attending one of Iwona’s motivational speeches at my University and I would like to share what a positive and uplifting experience it was. She came to talk to us about dealing with anxiety and stress, how to schedule your time to be more focused and achieve your goals, and how to change your mindset from negative to positive. Using her own personal experiences to support her message and prove that having the right attitude and retraining your brain to think differently in difficult situations was extremely beneficial. Iwona now mentors me and has been a huge help and inspiration as I take a new path in life, her advice and guidance has been invaluable. I would most definitely recommend her as a motivational speaker and as a mentor." - Alison Mcconnell - Christ Church University


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