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Through my life experiences, personal development journey, and a lot of studying, I have developed the ability to see positive opportunity in almost every aspect of life. Whilst I am not yet a coach known worldwide, I do my best to help others see the positives, too. I have pushed myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to emerge from my comfort zone and take some risks without falling into the danger zone.

At first, I didn’t want to take responsibility for the circumstances I found myself in. The relationships I had in my life were not only mentally and emotionally abusive, but oftentimes physically, and they were taking over.

I was told from a young age that I wasn’t good enough. From my early school days, to growing up, and then to the point where the closest person in my life no longer valued me as someone to love, care for, and believe in. I was conditioned to believe the lies people told me. I allowed my conscious mind to filter the information into my subconscious mind, which formed a negative thought pattern that then became my normal life. Having said this, I have always had the spirit of a fighter and I wanted to prove people wrong. With a lack of self-belief and no knowledge on how to become more positive, I failed more than I succeeded. This was until I realised that there are no real failures, only progress.

When you’re allowing a situation, person, or thought to control you it can make you think negatively. You end up saying yes to things you never wanted to do.

Looking back, I realise that I felt trapped. In my relationships, I felt depressed for years. I had low self-esteem and no confidence. I lost myself, and had no idea who I was, what my ambitions were, or what my purpose was in life. Cutting a long story short, I managed to pluck up the courage to leave the relationship.

After making a conscious decision to work on myself, things started to go wrong again.

Soon after my divorce my dad had a massive heart attack. I found him in the car, which was dreadful. Not long after, he was diagnosed with cancer, which got to an advanced stage.

I then had a breast cancer scare. I thought that I couldn’t take anymore, I was getting increasingly stressed and depressed and I couldn’t see a way out. Life was pushing me to my limit on every level.

Luckily, my breast cancer scare ended with a positive outcome, but I then suffered a stroke. This was the scariest experience of my life. I was lonely and had a lot of responsibility to face; I had to look after my little girl, and I had a mortgage to pay.

I was told by doctors that I had two holes in my heart, so I underwent a cardiac procedure to prevent further strokes. I should have died, but somehow, I’m alive, with minimal lasting physical effects of the stroke.

It made me think… The only way is UP!

I have realised that by making conscious decisions and taking action, the results will start showing. I took ownership of my life and circumstances rather than life and circumstances having power over me.

““…discipline is the bridge between goal and accomplishment.”
Jim Rohn

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"When I first met Iwona it was to join a trial class in Krav Maga. In what was then, a very male dominated environment. It takes a lot of courage to make those first steps. This is Iwona through and through. Very confident and assertive. If she wants something, she will make it happen! Upon meeting, Iwona told me her story of true adversity. She had bounced back from serious health issues with great resilience. Her trial Krav Maga class was a great success, she was full of enthusiasm and had a great warrior spirit. Signed up on the spot, returned the following week only to tell me she had bitten off more than she could chew, all her surgeons and medical guidance told her she could not continue with Krav Maga. She told me it was not the end and she would be back, and she truly believed she would be. This is Iwona all over. She sets herself a goal, truly believes in it, clearly and consistently see’s it in her mind and now she holds it in her hand. Kids Krav Coach, skilled Krav Maga Practitioner and committed life coach is where she is today."

~ Daniel Evans

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